Welcome to the United Methodist Churches in Choteau & Pendroy, Montana
Choteau & Pendroy United Methodist Churches
Tuesday, October 25, 2016
Empowering Disciples of Jesus Christ to Love, Witness, and Serve.
 Choteau United Methodist Church                 Pendroy United Methodist Church
   corner of Division (Highway 287)                                 Main Street
              & 1st. Ave. N.W.                                         
           Choteau, Montana                                           Pendroy, Montana
                Sunday Worship                                      Sunday Worship
                                 11:00 am                                                 9:00 am
 New Cross & Flame Sign
(illuminated at night)
on north side of Choteau UMC
In Loving Memory of
Vi Olson
Jay Dunckel

Worship Services and Special Services 
are now available on-line at: 

contact us at:
office hours Monday - Thursday
9:00 am - noon
P.O. Box 108
Choteau, Montana  59422
Worship Schedule
Pendroy UMC - 9:00 am
Choteau UMC - 11:00 am

Open-Table Discussion on Sexuality
Sunday, October 16
after worship
at Choteau UMC
A light lunch will be provided.
You are invited to be a part of a wholesome discussion
about humanity, sexuality and our mission as a church. 
Feel free to bring your struggles and fears,
hopes and desires. 
The point of this open-table is to listen and be heard.

October is our
Stewardship Month
Together, we do more:
Fostering the opportunity to promote
God's work in a needy world.
Consecration Sunday
October 30 


3:45 ~ 5:00 pm 

grades 6-12
Wednesdays ~ 6:30 pm
Evening Meal Provided

 Women's Gathering
Come, Enjoy!
Women of all ages are invited to an evening
of food, fellowship, faith and learning.
Thursday, October 20
6 ~ 8 pm
Choteau UMC ~ downstairs
Theme:  Movie Night
Please bring your favorite , nutritious
snack food to share.

Pendroy UMC
contact Joyce Field for details

Skyline Lodge Bible Study
Mondays - 10:30 am

(conversation, coffee & communion)
at Skyline Lodge
Thursday, October 20
2:00 pm

Something New . . .
The worship service are being provided on DVD
and available in the church office.
 Due to issues with our video camera,
we have suspended the online availability
of our worship service at this time.